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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. a battle for terrain continues tonight as the wild fire races for the eighth day. good evening, the fire is just 7% contained right now, it has burned through nearly 144,000 acres that is 15,000 more acres than this time last night. the fire has destroyed more homes and a dozen other structures and we found that the family camp has been destroyed. the 75 campers and 55 staff
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members left the camp earlier this week, the family camp has been in operation for nearly century. right now more than 2800 firefighters are having a hard time getting control of the fire because of rough terrain and tall trees that keep the fire above their reach and the weather is also making it difficult. >> it has been a rough day out there for the firefighters. we had temperatures today in the 90s. low relative humidity and very fierce winds. especially in the higher elevations. reported gusts of over 45 miles an hour. we will show you live doppler 7 hd, you can get a sense of the smoke that is coming off the burned area, it's the light gray shadowing right there on live doppler 7 hd, current readings right now, temperatures are starting to drop a bit. 17 degrees, relative humidity 22%, winds are up, and gusts of 45 miles an hour. temperatures once again, near
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90. they are going to have strong, west to southwest gusts and 35 miles an hour, even higher and there was chance of dry lightening developing there as we get into tuesday nice and wednesday. something we did not want to deal with. >> we have the latest on the fire. >> reporter: if they are not fighting the fire, they are trying to stay ahead of it. crews are drawing a line in the forest, trying to prevent the flames from spreading northwest to more populated areas. this is what they are concerned about, last night a break away fire exploded in the wilderness near yosemite national park. >> we will talk to them and talk about the lines and where they will be. >> reporter: crews from southern california know they could quickly be on the front line. >> we are expecting the wind to push tonight, whether it comes, we don't know, but we are prepared to protect the area.
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>> reporter: four days crystal and her family have been out of their home. >> right now, i'm just trying to keep the kids calm and have them not worry too much about what is going on up there and letting them know that their house is still there. >> reporter: for now, they are staying in a shelter. >> we have little kids with us and they do not need to be there in case we have to evacuate that, you can see flames from our house there. so far it's safe. hopefully it will not go there. >> reporter: the park remains open, highway 120 one of the main ways in and out is closed. abc 7 news. >> as we mentioned the rim fire is posing a threat to power lines and the water supply to the city of san francisco, the fire is now about three miles from the reservoir where the
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city gets 85% of the water and you can see the haze in the air there. officials report no ash in the water. today, crews made repairs and conducted a damage inspection a hydro electric power company in the area. the city has been able to buy additional power and use existing supplies, we will have the first video of the fire tearing through the family camp. four people including two children were shot today in oak lapp land, it happened at 2:40 this afternoon. the victims were two adults and an 8-year-old and 12-year-old. police have not made any arrests. many questions are unanswered this evening after gunfire left two men dead. detectives have released few details about union city's first
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homs icide sl of the year. -- homicide of the year. one long-time resident is said that violence is rare in his neighborhood. >> not that i can ever say, don't go here or there. there's people walking dogs kids playing in the park. >> no arrests have been made. we have video tonight of the moment a 22-year-old san jose man was shot to death. you will see the video, but we will not show you the exact moment. family members say that ramon garcia got in an argument near st. james park. you see him get his bicycle and back up to the car, he is chased down and shot in the head. his aunt said he was trying to turn his life around. >> i said, stay out of trouble. stay out of jail. he said yeah, i'm going to do
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good. i'm going try to do this time and i will do it for me and my kids. >> police are studying the tape in the hope of identifying the suspect. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a jogger. the woman told police she passed a man walking in the opposite direction early friday morning and he suddenly turned and grabbed her from behind. the suspect was last seen heading south on the trail toward san bruno. officers say just after 11:00, two men armed with handbeguns confronted an employee and demanded cash from the business. restaurant customers were unaware that a robbery was taking place. tonight, richmond police have released pictures on of a male thief they hope you can identify. the theft happened last wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon. get a good look there.
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the man in the bike reaches into the mailbox and takes what is in it. the victim was on the east side of highway 80 and has a home sir israel answer c -- home has a security camera. the white house said there's quote little doubt that syria used chemical weapons against it's own citizens. syria's deputy foreign minister denies it. >> this is a big lie. and syria, we have a responsible government. but at the same time we have irresponsible enemies. >> the syrian government accuses rebels of the attack and warned the united states to not launch any military action, saying such a move would set the east a blaze. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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9:00, how state lawmakers are looking to better protect women online. and whole foods is getting back to the music business. and alarm clocks are being set earlier and earlier. you can download the free alarm clock app to start the day with the bay area headlines.úoúo
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>> the social media event called revenge porn, it's when a rejected suitor posts inmate videos or pictures on the internet. soon, legislators will have to consider where to draw the line
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between privacy and free speech because governor brown is considering a bill that bullying a victim online a crime. in the middle of whole foods you can buy records. they will sell a wide selection of the lps. the sale of vinyl jumped 19% last year. an lists say the move will change whole food's image from a healthy food store to a lifestyle brand. coming up. a bird starts showing off how smart they are. why researches are saying they are learning speed limits on roads. and how many warm days are left this august? we have the forecast up next. >> 49ers have decisions to make, and there were players that may have bought themselves another week. week. inud
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>> coveri ining all the bay are. this is abc 7 news. scientists say birds are learning and adapting to speed limits on certain roads. researchers at the university of quebec said that some birds feeding roadside will take off when approached by a car, on slower roads they wait longer to take off. what they find interesting is that the speed of individual cars didn't really matteder. the cars would take off at the same distance regardless of speed. they believe the birds could figure out how fast the average
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car travels on the road and use the information later on. the skill could help the birs survive as they could spend more time looking for food, instead of watching for cars. >> maybe they just want to get out of the way. >> yes. >> and the weather, a terrific week ahead. the last full week of august. it's hard to believe live doppler, showing that you could have delays in the early morning flights. and travel over the golden gate bridge, there it goes to the wall of fog. you will have a problem with visibility as the fog bank is with us. winds right now, most have died down, exception will be through the gaps in fairfield, with a strong westerly wind to 26 miles an hour, good indication that the low clouds and fog will rush through the bay and through the
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gaps overnight tonight. here is a look at the highs for the day. santa rosa, you made it to 89 degrees. and half moon bay, double 77s for oakland and 85 for antioch. here is a look at our current readings, san francisco, 63, we have 66 in redwood city and still holding a bit of the heat in the north bay as well. live shot here from the golden gate bridge and you see already the follow starting to creep in there, ande and drizzle, right now, napa at 64. here is a look at the forecast highlights for you. taking you to the mid week of this coming week. partly cloudy overnight with mist and drizzle through the coast and bay. sunny after morning clouds and we will have to warm it up as we get to tuesday and wednesday. temperatures a bit above where we should be for this time of year. overnight temperatures the cool
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estimate in the north bay, low 50s elsewhere. and we will look for overnight temperatures. and a few sprinkles near the golden gate bridge this morning. this system will pull to the north. that will allow higher pressure to build in. that is a fair weathermaker for us. back up in the 90s inland as we head to wednesday. 11:00 tonight. good handle on our for caecast here. the fog movers in, and by 4:00 a.m., you see a lot of dense overcast, especially out toward the delta and it looks like it will clear rapidly by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at the highs. low 80s for san jose and palo alto 78. and half moon bay tomorrow, daly city, 62. and in the north bay, petaluma
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79 and 80 in sonoma, and 82 in oakland. and fremont 76 and we will look for mid 80s inland. 86 in concord and we warm up tuesday and wednesday, 90s inland and 80s around the bay. and things are just flattening out a bit. 80s thursday and friday. comfortable and typical for this time of year. >> all right, looks good, thank you. >> also looking good, the 49ers. yeah. >> that is what we were talking about today. all right, let's talk about the players, they are trying to impress the head coaches before the first cut. 49ers hosting the vikings and a few good men. colt mccoy got a good look tonight and it paid off, after a slow start. connecting with patton, making the first start after a broken finger. 7-0 niners. mccoy needed a solid night scrambled for a first down.
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more later. the ensuing kickoff, former cal bear, lavelle hawkins, he might have bought another week after this kickoff return for a touchdown. he was flagged twice on the play for tossing and removing his helmet. something that jim harbaugh is not going to tolerate. mccoy connects with jon baldwin. and only quarterback not to play, scrambles here for 20 yards. he may have made the roster tonight. and that led to an anthony dixon touchdown. niners win. coach harbaugh was asked tonight if mccoy is his new back up quarterback. >> yes, yes, he is. i thought he was playing well. he has progressed and got better every week. and tonight, you know, just down after down, consistently good. >> i felt good, you know, we were going against a good
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defense, those guys are good and we lomoved the ball well, there things to clean up, but i felt like tonight was a good effort. for the raiders. quarterback, terrell pryor will start against the seahawks. matt flynn sat out on of practice with a sore tired arm. giving pryor a shot with the first team offense. this week one starting quarterback has yet to be decided which gives prior a chance to impress on thursday. >> i'm not all the way there in terms of playbook and in terms of being a quarterback out there. just learning still, and don't get me wrong, you know, i could lead if i was called upon, i'm out there trying to get better. >> all right, little baseball, a chance to gain a bit of ground on the the orioles today. we had 6 runs on 8 hits and three plus innings of work. two homers in the eighth.
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and a two-run jack by nate mccloud. 8 of the 9 orioles starters knocked in one run. they lost 4 of 5 and remained 2-1/2 games back of texas. giants hosting pittsburgh and the pirates of mccovey cove showed up. runners on the corner. and panda gets to third base, so you know it was hit hard. g-men go on to split the series and vogelsong got the shutout victory. pga tour staging the first fedex cup event. playing in jersey city and everyone had a chance to win it. including points leader tiger woods that made a run for the title. he was battling a sore back due to a soft hotel mattress. he tweaked his back on approach, and bogeyed the hole. got limb in the clubhouse.
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justin rose, forcing the playoffs. that will ruin his dinner. he falls to 10 under. just when you thought tiger was done, birdie 16. sticks the approach on 17 and birdies that and gets a ten under. fighting a birdie and a playoff with adam scott. right on line and it's one rotation short. finished 10 under, four-way tie for second. and gary woodlands, forcing a playoff. he misses and adam scott hangs on to win the barclay's and they bogey, 5 under 66. let's go to the raceway. the go-pro indy grand prix, there was serious carnage left on the asphalt. scott dixon, hits one of will power's crew members as he leaves, thankfully the tire took most of the force. will power went to the third time in the last four years, his first win of the 2013 season. we will have more from the 49er
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locker room on a win over minnesota coming up at 11:00, we hope to see you there. >> thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at
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>> coming up at 11:00, what the fire could mean for water and power in san francisco and keeping an eye on some of the world's oldest trees. how much would you pay to keep crying children away from you on the next flight. the airlines are giving you the option. historical fiction is cleaning up at the box office. lead daniels as the butler tops the box office for the second
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straight weekend. it earned $17 million and it's on its way to $100 million. jennifer aniston's comedy "we are the millers" came in second place. planes rounds out the top 5. your next, a horror movie debuted in sixth place. and that is it for us for abc 7 news at 9:00, thank you so much for joining us, our next news cast is at 11:00, over on abc 7, leaving you with a live look from our event xploritorium cam.
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[music] >> welcome to swirl covering everyone in between show. i'm michelle meow your host. we have a great show for you tonight. we'll talk about issues that affect the lgbtq community, not just here but internationally and the cast is with us. for now it's time for the gay news. in the last couple of months russian president has signed three anti gay bills and counting. the first one bans all foreign couples including gay couples from a adopting russian born babies and the second bill

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